What the hell happened to Lebanese Memes?

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Uncategorized


In Short… Nothing happened to Lebanese memes but apparently that’s a question asked everyday by a different number of people.
Everyday at least one thing is posted on the page that a number of people find offensive, wrong, controversial or simply should not be posted.
The page was founded in late 2011 but two guys, unfortunately I am not allowed to disclose any information about them.
Now the page is run by 7 admins other than the 2 founders, the admins are known by their nicknames: #Twitter_admin, #LMJ, #K, #InstAdmin, #Dr, #LMSports, #Leb_Ano.
You are probably wondering about a very active admin nicknamed #smile that is not active since 2 weeks. #smile, one of the female admins is no longer an admin due to personal reasons. There is a balance between male admins and female admins, their ages range between 25 and 32 (yeah it’s not just some kid running the page) and two admins are 19 years old, they are from different religious groups, some of them are religiously committed some are not. None of them is politically affiliated with any party.

The page name is Lebanese memes, but there is a lack of memes recently, in favor of midnight questions and controversial posts that sparks heavy debates. Members simply tend to blame the admins and to threaten to leave the page, but since it’s creation the page has gathered more than 250 thousand member and counting up.

Few things to make clear, The page is not an opinion, it is simply a community. And a community is usually a gathering of a number of people by their own will, where everybody is free to say his/her opinion and others are free to agree or disagree. You might find some offensive posts there, you are free to express that you are offended, but it is a long shot to have the post removed.

Lebanese memes is trying to force people to learn how to respect each other’s opinions and to express their own opinion in a civilized manner. Posting controversial topics is a common thing.

What I have learned from this page, is that Lebanese people lack a sense of humor… A lot, they get offended by anything! I admit, it even happened to me a couple of times where I entered into strong arguments with an admin over a post.

This page is a space of freedom, an opportunity to be in contact with the other opinion without risking being shot or shooting somebody. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

  1. lamajurdi says:

    This made my day, it is nice to know that people like you exist.

    P.S. Love your use of the title, brilliant!


  2. Houssam says:

    Great article! Big love and respect to you. I promise you that the Lebanese Memes family is listening to all the fans, but you need to know that we are not comedians and it isn’t a company. The admins work hard in their spare time to spread fun, unite Lebanese via a smile and incite them to think. Talking about “smile” 🙂 there is no place for ego or disrespect in the team, no matter how talented you are, this is why a decision was made in the most respectful way. I admit that we need to reinvent ourselves and we are working on it 😀

    One last thing, yes some of the fans get offended easily this is why we as a community have to change and take it easy ya 3azizi.

    Best regards,

    Lebanese Memes cofounder


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