I am Charlie… I am not Charlie. She is Hiba, They are not Sandy and The king is dead, long live the king!

Posted: January 24, 2015 in Uncategorized


Four freakin titles in one! That’s right! couldn’t find a better time to write! Charlie Hebdo’s issue finally cooled down, Hiba Tawaji just took the social media crown from Sally Greige who is taking the stage tomorrow in miss universe and the Saudi king is dead which caused every I-Hate-all-politicians-and-everyone-is-a-hypocrite is out there to bark about various patriotic idealistic visions.

There is three type of people around, people who tweeted, posted blogged or joked about Charlie Hebdo, Sally Greige, the Saudi King and Hiba tawaji, people who did not even care and people like me who likes to sum all things up in few lines.

You have to understand something, This blog is not a news agency, and I do not race to be the first to write about issues. This is an opinion that matured enough to be shared. This is my opinion and everyone is free to share his on the comments section below.

When I first heard of Charlie Hebdo, the first thing that came to my mind was: “They saw it coming”. But then I felt bad. Bad for being a hypocrite, because not too long ago, when Said Akl died, a lot of my friends were instantly shaming him, and I got upset, because in my opinion, The sanctity of death should be respected, and a dead person should not be gloated, because this dead person does have the means to defend himself and that is the lowest of things to do. So I held back and I just said, may they rest in peace.
I never agreed once with the views and ways of those people who died, but never to a point that I wished they will be silenced and especially not in this horrible way. They gave me this opportunity of proving myself and my faith and training to apply what I have been taught in terms of compassion and forgiveness, and now unfortunately I have lost this opportunity.
12 people died that day, fathers, brothers, sisters lovers… But not Charlie Hebdo, Charlie Hebdo resurrected from the dead the week after with more than 15 million dollars of revenues, and who is going to listen to me? Me, a guy, who writes a blog not hosted on a unique domain name and that does not have more than 4 digits in my bank account. But I hope they will listen to the pope who condemned the attack and then said that freedom of expression should not ridicule anybody’s faith or views. A lot of people used Christ, God and Islam in a bad way. Same applies to freedom of speech. It is time that we are not governed by civil or religious laws, but by our own sense of humanity.

Speaking of death and the sanctity of death. A question to all of those who hate all politicians and all religions. Since when is paying respect to someone who died is considered hypocrisy? Since when is it considered shining pots? Since when is it considered crawling and kneeling? Oh for god’s sake spare us with this attitude of we should criticize and curse all politicians at any given opportunity, and bow to that sanctity of death. You should learn when to speak and when to truly zip it, that free developed unbound mind of yours.

Just a small note completely out of the subject, I believe that with the death of the King of Saudi Arabia, everyone has noticed the rise in the falling oil prices, yes of course it is linked. Saudi Arabia is refusing to change it’s policy concerning oil production, even though it is hurting their economy, they do not want to lose market shares, and this high supply versus low demand is what caused decrease in prices. When the King Died, some stock brokers thought that there will be change in Saudi Arabia’s oil policy and they bought oil hoping to sell it on a higher price and make profit, this caused the price to raise a bit. But apparently oil production level at saudi arabia will not change, which will make the prices drop again, and those who already baught oil will realize that and want to sell the stocks they bought which will cause a powerful drop in the oil prices. Excuse me for not using correct economical and financial terms, but if my analysis proved to be right I might consider going into the field of economical analysis. LoL.

And Sally Greige took a selfie with miss Israel. So what? I will mention our sense of humanity again, why is the Idea of peace so forbidden to a point that will make us traitors? Don’t we all wish that peace will take over the entire planet and yet we prefer to be drowned in boiling water than to shake hands with an Israeli? Isn’t that a bit hypocrite? Why am I going to be attacked and accused of treason by being misunderstood that I am promoting for a peace treaty with the Israelis, when I am only projecting a simple thought that it is my natural right to have and yet 100% of those who will crucify me once wrote “Je suis Charlie”. Yes I do understand that there is blood between us and the Israelis, but I believe what have been done between us, the Palestinians and the Syrians is far worse and yet they are still our brothers. Right now, in this thought, I am a simple naive person who just wants peace in this entire planet, not only in our part of the world. I am naive and I chose to be this way is this particular thought because I don’t feel like complicating things and ruin this Idea of an innocent 5 year old. I just wish.

Back to reality, despite my childish wishes and innocent thoughts, I respect my country, and I am bound to to the laws and rules of my country, and right now Israel is an enemy state.  I, like every other Lebanese, should not be in contact with Israeli citizens.

This is how I think Sally Greige should answer if she got to final stages and asked any question related to the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. It would be a kick-ass answer wouldn’t it?

And in the midst of all that, A beautiful voice is heard in France, and it’s Hiba Tawaji! After Aline Lahoud last year, Hiba is rolling eyes at The Voice-France this year. I am not against what she is doing at all, I liked her modesty whatever the reasons of her participation are, she really was more than natural in her performance. But This makes me think that one way or another, the Rahbanis have something to do with that, either they are pushing it for some reason, or they have a certain deal with the producers to be pushing an artist of their own each year to the program. If that’s the case, they should really consider sending Fairuz next year if Hiba didn’t win the title this year! A more likely person to figure in The voice – France, is Ghassan Saliba.

The other reason is, that those artists are seeking The Voice – France is probably of the monopoly that Al Rahbanis are running in the artistic field that will not give them much moving space in Lebanon or the Arab world. Whatever the case is, I hope Hiba shines there, and it will be an opportunity for me to write about that artistic monopoly in the future.

That was a long read! you have the right to ask for a cookie of you read the entire thing. Good Luck to Hiba and Sally, may all lost souls rest in peace and may will all live in peace with lower and lower gas prices!


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