The minions ate the wrong banana!

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Uncategorized


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Yes! I am talking about the Banana Video by ZeeZee M. And the Minions are apparently most of the Lebanese Media outlets. Those, do not share the “funny” and the “cute” of minions, they are extremely dumb and share the love of bananas with minions. The bananas in this case are everything and anything that is controversial and attracts viewers and readers, no matter how stupid, low and meaningless it is.

As many of my fellow social activists, I too slipped on that banana peel, thinking that it is yet another stupid phenomenon that is happening, I even went as far as privately talking about it with friends to have a laugh, but I did not write or talked about it, because I saw no reason and no benefit of doing so, since my blog is not about stacking visitors and reader but rather building an opinion and delivering a message, I saw no value of talking about it, until now. When it got the message that got my throat soar trying to deliver.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of media outlets talked about this ridiculous clip and a lot of people shared it. The attention it got was not for its value, but it was a direct result from the media and social activists that gave it a certain momentum. If it was not for them, stupid things would have stayed unnoticed where they are supposed to be.

Thumbs up to Clara Hawa (who I personally know and still can’t believe that I did not recognize), MTV and whoever participated in this stunt for delivering a crystal clear message: Stop making stupid things famous! And apparently those who are strongly criticizing the stunt like blogbaladi and many others are the ones that fell in the trap in the first place. typical Lebanese ego: instead of admitting being wrong and embracing the message, they just ran forward. Regardless of all that, MTV should be the first one to apply this campaign and have those ethics as standards within their establishment.

This is the full interview from Hayda Haki, You have to watch it till the end.

If we don’t want the next generation to come out dumb we better not promote dumb things and give them importance, but rather give a push to people, issues and subjects that matter and that will take part into improving our social experience, general knowledge and the sense of a better culture and work really hard to get viewers to those, Even things of humorist aspect should be well built and well put into perspective with a meaningful purpose.

Some Social media groups emerged like a spark of hope and kept my faith in humanity, one of them is Lebanese Memes, who has all the reasons in the world to share a phenomenon like this but chose not to at the time when the clip emerged, and I quote from one of the admins “do we really want to promote this even if it got lots of shares and interaction??  I though to myself that no it is not worth to spoil the page’s reputation because of her”. Big ass media outlets could learn a lesson or two from these guys.

If we, as Media outlets and social media activists care about our society and our country, we would work our asses off to get viewers, readers, posts, shares, interactions on subjects that matters and have a positive impact, rather than running after attention and money like zombies run after fresh blood regardless of the subject and ignoring that it can bring down the collective IQ of our society!

I leave you with the best Banana song in existence

  1. Ghassan says:

    The irony is that MTV is behind this and they promote for culture in a Adel Karam program, where they imitated Haifa who was the guest of this same program. I invite you to see how cultivated Adel was that day !!! They criticize others for things they have too.
    I recommend that MTV starts by applying the sa2afe and stopping the sakhafe before doing such promotion, so we take them seriously and believe them.

    Let MTV clean its programs first.


    • tafa7alkayl says:

      I don’t recall when TV was a 100% reliable source for Culture. TV in General was and will always be labeled as source of entertainment. Sure you will find some culture every once in a while but the main goal of TV stations never was and never will be pure culture, it’s entertainment even when this entertainment offers a little bit of culture.
      It is always wise to focus on the subject in debate rather than talking about other things. The subject here is this particular campaign and its particular message NOT the evaluation of MTV or any of it’s programs.


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