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See… He’s laughing…

It’s been a while since I last touched my blog, and funny, I was thinking about it the other day when Facebook was boiling with accusations between the doctor’s syndicate in Lebanon and the Media. It did not quite move me as I think that Media and especially Joe Maalouf need to have a certain limit.

Ironically though, what moved me to write was all the fuss I saw today after Adel Karam’s making fun of the 63 years old man who was doing his “breuvet”.

Sure, Maybe I did not like what Adel said. I was laughing because I think Adel is funny and at the same time I said to myself “Oh my god! is he really making fun of that old man? that’s very mean! funny… but mean” And it stopped there, joke taken and we move on.

However… When I saw how many people got “offended” I said to myself… “God! we truly are a race that’s easily insulted, offended and we cannot take a joke”
One particular dude, who seems to have a problem with Comedians is the owner of the blog “A Separate state of mind.” he does not miss a chance to attack on Comedians! previously he attacked Nemer abou Nassar, and today it’s Adel Karam.

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7abibi…. Comedians have the right to say whatever the hell they want and joke on whoever the hell they want. You have the complete right to be pissed, or offended, and you may have the right to write about it. But you have absolutely NO RIGHT, not you, not your bunch of clapping monkeys of supporters to intimidate anybody for anything! Freedom of mother-f***ing speech! or do you think you are the only ones entitled of it?

If you want to be smart, not smart-asses, you can mock or joke on Adel Karam. I am sure as a comedian he can take jokes. But intimidate him? i’m sorry. NO.

You should at least give people a certain window to apologize if you think they did wrong before intimidating them and calling them names.


Adel Karam’s Apology.

Us, Lebanese, we need to chill and learn how to laugh.